Joseph V

Computers, Cameras, Lenses and Stuff

A person can never be sure of what they want until someone builds it. If several things are built at the same time it may leave a person fully befuddled. I've been that way most of my life. However, not being one to give up easily, I press on to try and achieve the goal of knowing, and possibly having, just what I want. Sometimes, I think I'm close and with great confidence I write about it. And then life goes on and I learn what I didn't know. Kind of deflating but eventually the air comes back and I write again.

'Cameras, Lenses and 800lb Gorillas' illustrates some of these things. However, when I read it now, I find I still agree with quite a bit of what I wrote. One thing I see in that article is a general lack of patience in the pace of change. The faster things change the more we expect, me especially.

The two articles about what I would like in a camera, written about three years apart, is also a good measure of what I mean about general lack of patience. The things that we photographers want are happening, just not at the pace we have come to think it should.