Joseph V

Short Subjects


I like to write something occasionally. Sometimes it's a musing, such as the three volumes of such in the 'Photos and Musings Archives' in the menu above. Sometimes I have thoughts and reasoning's on equipment, relative to photography, and writing it down helps me organize them and may be beneficial to someone else considering those items.

Once in a while I get real serious and consider matters far beyond my ability to fully comprehend. Even so, I find the research and thought put into writing it out helps me to better understand the subject and adds perspective. Hopefully, someone reading it gets some of that benefit also. "How the World has Changed' is the only such article in this section, for now.

Every now and then something strikes me as humorous and a story just kind of writes itself as I think about it. 'The Turdstacker', a story about farm implements, was a 'tongue in cheek' short story I wrote for my granddaughter during one stage of life youngsters go through. And usually out grow. We hope. 'Kaliko Kate the Kat' is the faithful account of a friend and his cat as he told it to me. Well, almost faithful?

A couple short articles I originally wrote for The Washington Birder, a quarterly no longer in print. 'Musing Over a Life Bird' was written mostly while on the road in the spring of 2006. Often, when wandering, I find the nights long and wake up in the wee hours unable to fall back to sleep. This is when many of my musings get started. This time I decided to start writing while I still had the thought. 'Musing X Wondering about Hybrids' was similar, in that I started it in the wee hours, but this time I was at home. Probably because it was in November of 2007, a time of year I would stay out only when too far away to go home. I still ponder the question of when is a rare bird a rare bird.