Joseph V

Photos and Musings


In 2005 I started writing down some 'musings' I had about some photos and photography in general. I then decided to put them on the web using the pages provided by Comcast. That was a start but I soon needed to learn some programming to display things as I wanted them. After completing Volume One and starting Volume Two, I became frustrated because the pages wouldn't show up in any searches such as Yahoo or Google. Only if someone typed in the URL or had a link could they access the site. Not good!
   In 2009 I started building as goto place for everything having to do with my photography and writing. I continued in writing Volume Two, musings about some of the more serious subjects of my photos, and started Volume Three to resume the lighter themes of Volume One. It has become more of a blog now than a musing leading me to decide to retire the 'Photos and Musings' theme.
   Each volume has it's own introduction and index page. The images below are links to them.