Joseph V

Memorable Places


After I retired I set out to explore as many places as I could. It didn't really matter then where, what or why, it was just a desire to wander. Liking the outdoors, I took up photography as something to do while wandering. A lot of scenery looks the same from one place to another but birds, and other wildlife, are quite varied and they are everywhere. So, I became a birder.
   Most of the places I will feature in this section are places I have visited because of the wildlife inhabiting the area. One exception is the Palouse country of eastern Washington state. While I noted and photographed birds and other critters there, my principle reason for visiting was the scenery. Another would be the North Cascades, an area I hope to do more in soon.
   Getting there used to be 'half the fun' as an old commercial used to say. As time goes by, I find that 'being there' is the part I like and the travel isn't too much fun any more. As a result, my yard has become the most visited place of any. I hope, over time, to complete that part of this section but there is a lot to do.