Introduction to Volume II

When I began writing what I now refer to as Volume I of Photos and Musings I had no idea where I was going with it. I just wanted to learn how to create a website. The logical subject matter was the many pictures I had and was adding to as I indulged my hobby of photography. The musings seemed a good way to 'flesh' out the pages, hopefully making them of more interest. As I said then, I intended to comment on what the pictures meant to me. Later I added some more reasons for the musings but still later, decided it didn't really matter why. I decided it was probably just the result of an old man looking around and trying to figure out what it's all about.
    As I begin this second volume, I have begun to realize that there is no 'reason' for musing. If there were, it wouldn't be musing, it would be reasoning or thinking or something else. So after giving this some thought I can see the need to straighten out and muse right. Not get so caught up in explaining this or that but rather to ponder over various aspects of things. To meditate not so much on the facts of a matter, but more on the possibilities and probabilities presented by the asking how and why and if. Reflection, wonder and even marvel are tied closely to musing and if done well must surely add interest to any photo, even if the picture is better than a thousand words.
    In volume one, I soft-pedaled some on subjects that might be controversial or otherwise objectionable to some readers. I will no longer do that. If it has a place in my musing, whatever the subject, I'll include it in my writing. Please, consider what I say 'for what it's worth', and feel free to disagree if you will. Even write me an e-mail and tell me so, and why, if you wish.
    As to the photos themselves; it's easy to get in a rut, to get comfortable doing something and not endeavor to widen out. So I hope to concentrate more on landscape, structures and maybe even (shudder) people, and somewhat less on birds and wildlife. Maybe do more macro photography, bugs, flowers just getting in close. And not always try so hard to get only the beauty but sometimes the reality. When I have done this in the past, I have found it easy to muse about.
    I'm still learning and trying some html programming but will try and make things as easy and intuitive to navigate as I can. Each page may not be formatted the same but hopefully that will add more flavor. If you are using Mozilla Firefox for your browser, everthing should work fine. You will even be able to print each page if you wish. Internet Explorer will display fine but will not format correctly for printing. In all browsers, clicking on the picture in the text will bring up a larger photo. That's about it, then. I may come back here sometime and add a postscript or so.