Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy the pictures and comments on these pages. Mostly the pictures are from places I have traveled in the northwestern states watching and photographing wildlife, usually birds. I have traveled the area many times since the late 1950's, and wished often for the time and equipment to do what I can now. But it wasn't until I retired in 2002 that I had the time and resources to become serious about photography. I do have a few pictures from earlier years and will share some of them along with some thoughts about them as I build these pages.
    I have re-written this page a couple of times trying to give some reason for my musings. Now I've decided if there is one it doesn't matter. Probably just an old man looking around and still trying to figure out what it's all about..
    Most of these pictures can be viewed in a larger size by following the "pbase website" link above. There are also over 3000 photos there. If you wish to comment on pictures or musings, please send me an e-mail. And again, thank you for visiting.

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