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Welcome to my Home page.

This is the home page of Joseph V Higbee, aka jvhigbee. From here you can view anything I have on the web. In the menu above are links to my extensive photo galleries on and a photostream of current photos on The other links in the menu are to pages on this site containing various photos and writing. More information about me and the site can be found in the link above.

June 2016 and beyond

Just Talking to Myself

Butterfly on a Flower

I might be the only one left that reads what I write. I still feel like I have something to say now and again but it no longer seems worth the effort.
   I am still taking many photos, mostly of stuff in the yard, and posting them on pbase and Flickr. I will leave this site for those who may wonder who I am and actually want to read some of what's here. Also it serves as a portal to the other sites.
   This is, as they say, subject to change. Probably it won't.