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January 2015

Changed My Mind

Ring-necked Ducks

Last month I started out saying I would probably pass on the new 7D mark II camera. Less than a week later, I had purchased one. What changed my mind was finally seeing the kind of photos from one that I would expect.
   After I started using it, though, I was very disappointed. I was getting the same soft photos I had seen from many others. I actually offered the camera for sale before I realized I hadn't taken the time yet to adjust the lenses to the body. This process is allowed for on almost all newer cameras and makes a huge difference with the resulting photos. After making the adjustments, I too am getting the photos I expected.
   This is one of the things about having bells and whistles, they don't do any good if you don't use them. The auto-focus tools on this camera are extensive but if not properly understood and utilized, they can lead to poorer photos than a simple 'point and shoot'.