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October 2015

Birds, Bugs and Bushes

Bug on a Flower

Thats my focus, as far as my photography is concerned, at this time. Not that I wouldn't try for a photo of any unusual wild animal that came through the yard, sure I would. However, that doesn't happen often and the yard is where I'll be putting most of my effort in the forseeable future.
   I said 'bushes' and I apply that to flowers that grow, however they do it. I haven't seen a flower that didn't have some kind of 'bushy' base so I use bush which starts with a B and not flower.....I'm sure you get it. Besides, this flower here, in it's native white color, is often called a weed.
   The bug is actually a bee. Now bee starts with a B, but bee covers only a small part of the insect/spider world that people often refer to as bugs. If you want a better description of the bee and flower see the photo on pbase.