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October 2014

Fall Has Arrived

Oregon Junco

In the fall, the yard starts to change. Leaves changing color and falling as the plants go dormant is the most obvious and recognized change. Less noticed is the changes that take place in the bird population. Most of the birds in the yard go through a summer molt during which they look scraggly. In the fall they emerge with fresh plumage and once again are photogenic. The young birds have also changed from their early plumages to more closely resemble the adults they will become.
   Another change is the leaving of some species and the arrival of others. The Oregon Juncos are here all year but only about 3 or 4 pair stay the summer. This year they double-clutched so we had juvenile juncos galore. But they all left for a time in late August/early September and are now returning. Soon there will be upwards of 25 juncos in the yard at any given time during the late fall to early spring. And, yes, I feed them all.