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December 2014

Perfect Weather

Female Long-tailed Duck in water

November was a mixed month, weather wise. At times it has been warmer than normal but there was a period of normal or below temperatures. There has been less than the normal amount of rain but at times it got pretty wet. It has been perfect for doing what I wanted to do. I was able to get out for a couple of times with the camera when the light was good. Two or three birding/photo trips away from Spanaway is about right these days. I don't mind being different places, I just don't care for the bother of getting there. Besides, I had a little bit of homework to catch up on, yard, cars, winterizing and so on, and managed to get it all done.
   The reports on the new Canon 7D MkII camera have been quite positive to this point but it is early yet. I see some things in reports and photos circulating the web that would suggest 'wait and see' is a good idea for now. Probably, I will pass on this one as well as the new 100-400mm lens. That combination would sure be good for a serious beginner, though.