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December, 2015

Some Days are Sunny

Juvenile Anna's hummer on a in a bush

I'm almost to the point of liking this new iMac. I did break down and order a book, coming soon, that should help with a few things I haven't figured out yet. There are several ways of doing things and some are harder to discover but Im finding out it's worth the effort.
   The work in the yard is about finished until closer to spring. The amount of wildflower seed I put out, and covered, should give me, and the bugs, a large selection to work with. A lot won't germinate and some won't mature for a year or more but I think this coming year will be still be good. Butterflies I expect will take some time to establish but the bees and flower flies and tiny critters seem to show up sooner.
   Even as I look forward to all that, I still have a good selection of birds. This Anna's Hummingbird is in his first winter. There is an adult male as well as at least one female here also. They love my heated feeders.