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November 2014

No Frost Yet

Red-breasted Sapsucker in water

October started out pretty nice but changed into a wet pattern around the 10th of the month. It has been mild with temperatures remaining above 40°F and it doesn't look to change much the first part of this month. Not my favorite weather. I was hoping for an early frost so I could get on with pruning and scattering some weed seed. Cool sunny days and cold nights would be ideal. The grass is still growing and is too wet to cut and all I have to do is sit here and grouch!
   On the positive side, I have had time to catch up on some indoor projects and consider carefully a couple of decisions before making them instead of my usual 'act and consider later' mode. As a result, I have traded my Kindle and Android tablets for an iPad, stayed with an android phone when upgrading and decided to continue suffering with MS Windows rather than hocking the farm for that gorgeous big new Mac. I am putting off buying the new 7DII but not saying never. I said this was the positive side but, actually, it's hard to be frugal when not busy.