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November, 2015

Projects and Stuff

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Several things happening or about to right now. This first week of November has been split between re-graveling the paths in the yard, probably a month long project, and setting up a new iMac computer. After 30 years of Windows, I decided I needed a different set of frustrations. I got 'em. However, I can see that after this old dog learns some new tricks, it will be a worthwhile move. The gravel was partly to appease the missus.
   In October I brought in some dirt for flower beds and started work on getting ready to plant quite a bit of flower seeds later this month. This year I will put some netting up so the birds don't think it's for them and eat it like they did last year. I also pruned a lot of overgrowth last month and have several plants to move.
   What I am hoping for is a lot more flowers to attract 'bugs' while still maintaining the native habitat the birds are attracted to. If the birds eat a few bugs, I hope to have enough to go around, leaving me some to photograph next year.